Unreliable Narrations:::
redux version, video installation: 2012

Unreliable Narrations Redux

Unreliable Narrations is a 2 channel video installation, one channel scrolls the full text of the first chapter of Joyce's Ulysses with all the vowels censored facing the 2nd channel with the unexpurgated text. Both texts are synced.

The work revisits my 2007 work Unreliable Narrations and was created to celebrate Ulysses entering the public domain in January 2012.

The original work was a comment on the stifling and damaging effect of copyright and the corporate enforcement of intellectual property on contemporary culture. By censoring the vowels the work circumvented the defacto ban on public displays of Joyce's work enforced by the Joyce estate but in the process removed all meaning from the text transforming it into a puzzle which the public were invited to solve.

and whenabouts in the name of space, Mhyren Gallery Denver 2012