Net Art 2001


Temple-Bar.org was commissioned by the Project Arts Centre for the the Graham Parker curated exhibition We're Not Really Here in Sept- October 2001.

For the the exhibition I purchased the domain name www.temple-bar.org and for the duration of the show created and published online a series of short pieces on the theme of Temple Bar. Each piece was published as is with no explanation text and could be reached by surfing to www.temple-bar.org.

At the end of the exhibition the site was then configured to load a page randomly from those created for the exhibition.

Additionally I competed in internet search engines with the official Temple Bar Properties website (www.temple-bar.ie) to offer an alternative site to surfers who search for terms related to 'Temple Bar Dublin's Cultural Quarter', to assist in this I purchased a number of related Google adwords during October and December 2001 to ensure that Temple-Bar.org received prominent placing in search results.

We're not Really Here, Project Dublin 2001.

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