24 hour JoyceWalks :::

international participatory event 2008

24h JoyceWalks

24h JoyceWalks was an international participatory art project which staged JoyceWalks in multiple cities throughout the world over a 24 hour period to celebrate Bloomsday 2008. 57 walks took place in 39 cities worldwide on June 16th 2008.

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A selection of Walks Mashups

A Walk in Berlin along the route of the Lestrygonians Episode of Ulysses

Berlin Walk
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A Walk in Paris along the route of the Circe Episode of Ulysses

Paris Walk
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Walks Images

Mexico City- click to enlarge

JoyceWalks Jundiai Brazil- click to enlarge

Conor McGarrigle 2018   Link to my Twitter account