Space is the Place :::
Curated Exhibition Aug 27 - Sept 1 2009

Space is the Place

was an exhibition I curated of documentation of artistic practices which intervene in public space. The focus was on ephemeral, temporary works which take place out of a gallery setting, living on only in their documentation.

Participating artists sent documentation of their work as images, texts and video directly to the gallery electronically where the material was printed out and displayed on walls and screens by the curatorial team with the exhibition being produced in the gallery during it's run.

The exhibition was also documented on and the Loiterers Resistance Movement provided a live intervention from Manchester via Twitter. At the end of the exhibition the documentation was archived as a resource for the students of the National College of Art & Design.

The exhibition run from August 27 - September 1 at the NCAD gallery with a closing reception on August 31.


Space is the Place Images

Space is the Place
Space is the Place exhibition image

Artists & Projects

Aram Bartholl
Ralph Borland
John Buckley
Martin John Callanan
Joseph Delappe
Benjamin Gaulon
Institute for Applied Autonomy
I Left This Here For You To Read
Thorsten Knaub
Laboratorio de Situaciones
Glenn Loughran
The Loiterers Resistance Movement
Conor McGarrigle
Eve Mosher
Christian Nold
Katie Paterson
Quadrafonica Urbana
Gordan Savicic
Mark Shepard
Surveillance Camera Players
Transborder Immigrant Tool
Jeremy Wood
You Are Not Here

Links to projects from

check out the Space is the Place Twitter feed, during the exhibtion the feed hosted a live intervention in Manchester by the Loiterers Resistance Movement.