BitTorrent Trilogy:::
video: 2011-2013

The BitTorrent Trilogy
The BitTorrent Trilogy consists of a series of three videos made from episode of popular TV shows incompletely downloaded from the internet via bittorrent. The resulting videos show the glitches and digital errors characteristic of this process.

The videos have been linearly edited, with no digital effects used with all effects in the corrupted file. The series consists of episodes of Mad Men, the third season premiere of Game of Thrones and concludes with final episode of Breaking Bad. Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones broke bittorrent records when they were released on file sharing networks and the videos capture these episodes in the act of being shared by users on bittorrent.

The videos simultaneously act as a visualisation of bittorrent traffic and the practice of filesharing as well as being an aesthetically beautiful and unique by-product of the bittorrent process, the file codec and the size of the bittorrent swarm as the pieces of the original file are rearranged and reconfigured into a new transitory in-between state.

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Mad Men: the BitTorrent Edition

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Counterpath Gallery, Denver.
Slingshot Festival, Athens GA.